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Navigating Fraud Investigations: The Essential Steps

When faced with a fraud allegation or suspicious behavior, the decision to investigate is crucial. Launching an investigation becomes necessary when there’s a reasonable factual basis to believe that fraud has occurred, potentially violating laws, regulations or company policies.

Lifestyle Audits and Asset Tracing

The extravagant lifestyle of an individual within a company will attract attention, especially if the person is employed in a position if trust. This is then reason for concern that fraud indicators are present. Proper controls, procedures and systems may reduce the risk of fraud but will assist in detecting it.

Preventing Fraud in NPO’s

Non Profit Organisations can be attractive targets for fraudsters. People who are passionate about their missions are naturally trusting of those who share the same interests as them. Unfortunately NPO\’s are more susceptible to fraud because they do not have the resources to help prevent fraudulent activity from happening within their NPO. Below are a …

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Invoice Fraud

All businesses, regardless of their size are susceptible to invoice fraud. Even a few fake invoices could result in thousands, if not millions of Rands of losses. Invoice fraud is when a person notifies your company that your supplier payment details have changed and provides you with alternative details in order to defraud you. These people …

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