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forensic services

Uphando Forensic Services:

Provides an independent, proactive and responsive service together with credible forensic results.

Our team is innovative, flexible and quality conscious. We place great emphasis on value-added benefits for our clients. Given the highly specialised nature of forensic investigations and the rigorous testing of all findings, it has been our policy to recruit members who are recognised for their specific skills in this diverse field. Each engagement is unique, which requires flexibility in the approach taken and the ability to apply previous experience to new situations. We have demonstrated to be consistent in delivering quality work with a lateral approach to investigative problems. Our team consists of committed and diligent investigators with good technical abilities. Our main focus is to provide forensic services to Small and Medium Business Enterprises, Government, Local Government and Corporate entities.


HR Services

Uphando HR Services:

Provides a Human Resource Management Outsourcing function for small enterprises that cannot afford the skills of a permanent HR Manager, but have a need for the function.

Our team has the skill to ensure that your biggest asset, being human capital, is treated fairly and kept motivated which increase productivity to the benefit of your organization while you focus on your core line of business. Our Human Resource Management Services provide assistance to ensure compliance with all legislation. Our Payroll Outsourcing Services ensure that payroll runs smoothly, meet all deadlines and is compliant with relevant legislation. Should any amendments occur, we will ensure that your company remains compliant.

Uphando is a member of the Cape Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our team have developed skills and gained experience in a wide range of industries and sectors.
A few of these sectors include:
Chemical Industry
Consumer Products
Short Term Insurance Industry
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Life Insurance
Motor Trade
Pension Funds
Plastics Industry

Uphando – Core Values


Uphando – mission statement

To live our brand in everything that we do.

Uphando – Vision statement

Uphando is recognised as the forensic service provider whose results are integrity based.


Uphando is compliant as a Level 4 Superior contributor to BEE and a certificate is available on request.

We are classified as a SMME.