Uphando Forensics

Forensic Accounting & Investigative Services

The application of forensic investigation methodology and discovery process can help both legal and technical professionals meet the goals of preserving and collecting evidence in a manner that is legally defensible and forensically sound.

Forensic investigation methodology, follows a step-by-step process which includes two material steps namely, interviewing witnesses and collecting and reviewing documentary evidence. This methodology is complemented by numerous specialist forensic investigation methods and techniques. These two steps however are fundamental to a successful investigation into commercial offences.

The term forensic accounting is used to describe the wide range of investigative work into the financial affairs of an entity. At Uphando we strive to use our accounting skills to investigate fraud, embezzlement and complex financial investigations. We analyse and deliver financial information for use in legal proceedings in order to support your legal team. Our team provides an independent, proactive and responsive service with credible forensic results.