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Making Smarter Hires: The Impact of Pre-Employment Screenings

In the fast-paced world of finding the right fit for your team, many businesses are turning to pre-employment screenings to streamline their hiring process. It’s not just about ticking off boxe, it’s about making investments that pay off. Let’s explore how these screenings can be a game-changer and why measuring their impact is crucial for businesses.

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Dealing With Co-Workers Who Lie

Many people go through the trouble of having a lying coworker who is completely dishonest and untrustworthy. The people you who work beside you can make or break your job satisfaction. An understanding manager and fun co-workers can make the worst jobs bearable and one of the hardest people to work with is someone who lies. It’s always advisable to identify such individuals and then necessary steps and actions should be taken so that they won’t bring more trouble.

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5 Types of Employee Theft and How to Deal With Theft

One of the most difficult situations to navigate amongst employees is how to appropriately handle an employee whom you suspect has been stealing. Employee thefts run the gamut from nicking office supplies from the storage room and stealing from coworkers’ lockers to falsely filling out time sheets, mishandling company intellectual property, customer identity theft and worse. Even more alarming, 75% of employees steal from their employer at least once.

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Lies in the Workplace

Checking backgrounds thoroughly before hiring employees will help you avoid dishonest workers however, smart employees who were dishonest in previous jobs may not have been caught. Poor economic times such as COVID-19 times can also lead employees to lie to get ahead. Dishonest behaviour in the workplace can pose a serious threat to any company.

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