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Caught In A Resume Lie: The High Cost of Dishonesty

In today’s competitive job market, it can be tempting for job seekers to embellish their qualifications or experiences on their resume. However, a recent study has revealed that lying on a resume is more common than one might think and can have severe consequences for job seekers. Over 77% of recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals have caught candidates lying on their resumes. Only 3% of professionals believe that a resume lie would not impact a candidate’s chances of securing a job.

Creating the Best Workplace For Your Employees

We all want the best for our employees and we especially want them to be happy in their place of work, we want them to feel excited to come to work every day and to feel comfortable in their work environment. Creating a positive work environment will boost employee morale, which can lead to better results, higher profits and a better corporate culture. Take a look as to how you can make these goals a reality.

What is HR Governance?

It is a core component of Corporate Governance which is quite similar to Financial or Risk Governance. HR Governance incorporates the oversight and leadership of the HR strategy, related policies and program results.