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Tips for Smooth Payroll Submission to SARS

Navigating the complexities of SARS can be daunting, especially when it comes to submitting your payroll. Errors can result in financial losses for your company. Below are some tips to help you efficiently submit your payroll to SARS, ensuring a seamless process.

Update Employee Information:
Keep employee details up to date to ensure accurate tax certificates issuance.

Complete Outstanding Information:
Check the IRP5 Validations for any missing details and address them promptly.

Distribute Tax Certificates:
Once your submission is accepted, provide tax certificates to employees promptly.

Stay Informed on Tax Law Changes:
Stay updated with relevant tax law changes that may impact your payroll submissions.

Submit Regardless of Tax Amount:
Even if your taxes are below R350,000, comply with SARS requirements to avoid penalties.

Maximize Deductions:
Ensure you claim all eligible deductions and reimbursements for business travels and charitable donations.

Keep Accurate Records:
Maintain proper documentation of submitted forms and payment receipts for future reference.

Contact Uphando if you would like any further information or assistance in submitting your payroll to SARS.