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Dealing With Co-Workers Who Lie

Many people go through the trouble of having a lying coworker who is completely dishonest and untrustworthy. The people you who work beside you can make or break your job satisfaction. An understanding manager and fun co-workers can make the worst jobs bearable and one of the hardest people to work with is someone who lies. It’s always advisable to identify such individuals and then necessary steps and actions should be taken so that they won’t bring more trouble.

Below are some tips for dealing with a lying co-worker whilst still acting professional:

Make sure the person is really lying – This sounds obvious but is essential. So, before you get caught up in the drama, double check that the really are lying. Some people lie to make themselves look good, they can even over exaggerate their life achievements or invent a whole story that is very far from the actual truth.

Don’t get caught up in any drama in the workplace – You don’t need to be friends with all your co-workers, but you are expected to professional at all times in your workplace. If you become heated or unprofessional, it could damage your work relationships and your reputation.

Have a one-on-one chat with your co-worker – When you have figured out the reason why your co-worker is lying, it might be time to have a calm and professional conversation with them. You should approach you co-worker with a question such as, “You said this, but I thought this happened?” This way you\’re not placing the blame on anyone you\’re just asking a simple question.

Talk to someone from HR – If you feel that you have not gotten anywhere after calmly and professionally approaching your co-worker then you should approach someone from your HR department in a calm, professional, non-accusatory tone and just present the them with the evidence that you have found and let them take over and deal with the situation according to the book.