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Lies in the Workplace

Checking backgrounds thoroughly before hiring employees will help you avoid dishonest workers however, smart employees who were dishonest in previous jobs may not have been caught. Poor economic times can also lead employees to lie to get ahead. Dishonest behaviour in the workplace can pose a serious threat to any company.

When dealing with a dishonest employee it is best to get proof of the employee\’s dishonest behaviour. Find the evidence legally, respecting privacy laws and privacy regulations outlined in your workplace handbook.

Revisit the dishonest employee\’s past by contacting previous employers of that employee to find out if he or she has behaved dishonestly in the past with other companies. Gain copies of all relevant documents that serve as evidence. Gain statements from previous employers that testify to the employee\’s professional or unprofessional behaviour.

Next you will need to confront the employee and let them know that you are aware of their dishonest behaviour. In minor cases of dishonesty, such as taking small amounts of office supplies home from work, confrontation alone may stop that sort of behaviour. Impose consequences if an employee\’s behaviour is more serious, if the employee lied on their resume, you will need to make it clear that you will not accept this sort of behaviour.

You will need to watch the employee closely and take notes of if they are making a serious attempt to overcome the dishonest behaviour and perform better, if you see no change in the employee you will need to consider terminating their employment contract but before you do so consult your HR department or attorney to make sure that you are complying to all legal regulations.

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