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What Can Digital Forensics Help With?

Digital forensics is the process of extracting and analysing data within digital systems to find evidence that can help resolve cyberattacks, disputes, litigation, and criminal cases. In todays day and age almost all criminal activity has a digital forensics element to it and our digital forensics experts are able to provide critical assistance to police investigations but what exactly can digital forensics assist with? Take a look at the list the list below as we uncover the many ways that digital forensics can be used.

Company data disclosure – When corporate information is disclosed without permission, either by accident or on purpose.

Intellectual property theft – When an employee steals intellectual property from their employer and passes it to a competitor or if they use it for their own personal gain to start up a competing company.

Internet abuse or misuse by an employee for illegal activities – When an employee violates a computer policy, such as internet use which is used for illegal activity. Digital forensics experts can help you uncover how these illegal activities happened.

White collar crimes – digital forensics is used to collect evidence that can help identify and prosecute crimes like corporate fraud, embezzlement, and extortion.

Violent crimes like burglary, assault, and murder – digital forensics is used to capture digital evidence from mobile phones, cars, or other devices in the vicinity of the crime.

Harassment Online – People often use social media platforms, email, messaging services, gaming platforms, or cell phone communications to sexually harass or defame people.

Online fraud and identity theft – digital forensics can be used to track where the perpetrator got the information from.

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