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Why Pre-Employment Screenings Are Important


When you interview a potential candidate for a new role within your organisation, you’ll most likely discuss their previous work experience, their career aspirations and education. However, you may be forgetting to ask one of the most important questions: are you fit for the role? Below you will find out why Pre-Employment Screening are so important during your hiring process

Pre-employment screening helps you develop an accurate and efficient recruitment process, and also speeds up your search for exceptional candidates. Pre-employment screening helps assess candidates in terms of cognitive ability, skills and communication, among many other aspects, making it one of the most objective ways of predicting whether the candidate is the right fit for your company. 

Pre-employment screening prevents you from letting a weaker candidate make it to the final stage of the process while identifying those exceptional candidates who might go unnoticed in traditional screening methods.

Pre-employment screenings checks are an important, cost-effective way for employers to reduce turnover, improve productivity, and reduce legal liability. Criminal background searches, educational and employment verification, each provides critical information and demonstrate the employer’s due diligence in hiring and retention

As the employer you have a duty to provide a safe workplace. Pre-employment checks can help keep the workplace safe. Pre-employment screenings show that the employer has exercised reasonable care and made a diligent search. Legal liability is among the leading reasons to perform pre-employment background checks.

The benefits of employment screening outweigh the costs for your company. The cost of a professional background check is a small fraction of the costs associated with an unwanted termination, particularly a fault-based termination that a background check might have prevented